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Delicia Niami

"Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” Unknown

Words Delicia has lived by from the time she can remember. Life has thrown trauma after trauma at her from the moment she came out of the darkness into this light we call Earth. KISSING ASPHALT propels you on a journey along with the author from the moment she was kidnapped and taken to Baghdad, Iraq along with her seven-year-old brother, Nile.

The minute Nile and Delicia stepped onto Iraqi soil, their mother immediately lost any and all rights to her children, but she never stopped fighting for them.

After their father finally agreed to send them home, to America, he completely abandons his only daughter, Delicia, leaving a sense of loss that would take years for her to understand.

Delicia overcomes many challenges and traumas as she grows up in America including sexual abuse, physical abuse, abandonment and bullying, ultimately finding a sense of hope after discovering the music of the Go-Go’s, dancing and even the undeniable bond she shares with her mother and brother. Delicia shares her story to show others that regardless of what happens to us in this lifetime, we always have the choice to find the light and choose positivity and happiness.

Embark on a Literary Journey With Delicia Niami

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